How To Start Making Money Online With No Money At ALL

Posted on 26th October 2016 in Featured Posts, Making Money Online

One of the super benefits of making money online business is that the startup costs are very low. This is way different than building a business offline, as for opening up a business in the “real word”, you  need to invest at least $10000 upfront to even get starting.

All right, to get this thing started I really want to tell you that this whole “Make Money Online” thing is not that difficult once you get it all figured out.  The idea is that you need to .teach yourself the skills you do need to turning your valuable time online into profits.

Let’s get into it…

I’ve tried many ways on how to make money online. From the easiest ways of posting content on an empty blogger site with AdSense to the most complicated membership sites with thousands of dollars worth of content, if you’re truly interested in making a profit online with low budget and/or no money at all.

Here is my top recommended business model to start with as you are on tight budget but have enough time to profits online

Making Money Online With –

If you have never heard of  It is a marketplace where just about anyone can sell their own products and/or services for $5 a pop.  Likewise, you can buy other members’ services for $5.

How You Can Use To Make Money Online with no money at all?

Basically, as a member of Fiverr, you can set up your seller profile and make it personal and complete all the essential details such your skills, talents and hobbies. Generally you will see that every user sells their services through something called ‘gigs’. A gig is one service or product that sells for $5.

For example, “I will build you 15 profile backlinks for $5” is a gig. As a member of Fiverr, you can set up your own gigs.


Some Points To Remember about making money with

  • Writing Up An Appealing Gigs Title

Think about exactly what it is that you’re selling and how people would search for that. For instance, are you selling a gig where you offer to create backlinks for a webmaster?  Then make sure that you include the keyword ‘backlinks’ and/or ‘links’ in your title.  That sounds basic, but it’s incredibly easy to forget.

  • Crafting The Gig Description

Make sure that you give the buyer as much information as they could need (space permitting).  Try to answer some of the initial questions that you think they may have.

  • Creation An Intro Video For Your Gig 

Finally, every gig that you create should have a video.  Even if you don’t have a camera so you can record yourself, I suggest that you create a PowerPoint presentation that describes your gig and then turn it into a video using a tool like CamStudio (which is free and open source).

  • Delivering Your Orders On Time

Make sure that you deliver your work on time because that is the best way for your account to be promoted to a higher level and receive more exposure.  Besides, people love to order gigs that have lots of positive reviews.

Some Gigs That Will PULL IN MONEY to You Fast!

Here are my top recommended gigs that you can definitely start selling today – if you feel like there are already a million gigs just like these already up on Fiverr, that’s OK. it`s  growing by leaps and bounds every week and believe me when I say that there is no shortage of buyers on Fiverr.

So if you are beginner on making money online world and don`t have enough skills and any money to invest in order to make profits online each month, then stick with selling these easy and simple gigs

  • YouTube video commenting – having comments on a you tube video makes it look interesting and fresh.  Set up a gig where you offer to create manual and *intelligent* comments on YouTube videos.  Make sure that you highlight that you will actually watch the full video and make a thought provoking comment and not just something like “cool vid”. Offer something like 1 comment on 10 videos for a gig.
  • Sell Manual blog commenting – this gig could go in two different directions.  You can offer to make manual and intelligent comments on the buyer’s blog posts or you can offer to submit manual and intelligent comments on blog posts around the internet using the buyer’s link. This will create backlinks all over the web for the buyer.

*Notice that I am stressing the words “manual” and “intelligent” because there are a lot of auto-commenting services already offered on Fiverr.  If you set up a gig for manual commenting, make sure that the buyers understand that you well actually read the blog post and make a good comment.  You could offer something like 10 comments or 20 comments for a gig.

  • Sell translations – the ability to translate is very valuable.  If you speak more than one language, why not offer your translating skills as a gig?  Do something like offering the translation of 500 or 1000 words as a gig.
  • Sell your secrets – everyone has their own little secrets that are certainly valuable enough to sell.  Do you have a few secrets to being a great parent?  Do you have secrets to being a great lover?  Perhaps you have secrets to picking up girls or guys at the bar. People absolutely love secrets and as long as you are sharing some personal and valuable “insider” information, a gig like this should do well.
  • Sell your crafts – can you knit? Sew?  Are you one of those people that can make a Pringle’s can into something interesting?  Fiverr is great because it allows you to sell your physical products and charge buyers a little bit extra to help cover shipping costs.  I have seen some people do very well with gigs where they sell handmade scarves or gloves.
  • Sell eBook narration – people are constantly putting out informational products.  Let’s be honest, most of them are really horrible, but the authors are still willing to fork up some money to create audio versions of their eBooks.  Offer to narrate up to 500 words for a gig. If someone wants you to narrate more, have them purchase additional gigs.
  • Sell testimonial videos – testimonial videos are really a mainstay of the Fiverr marketplace. It seems like every one and their mom offers a gig where they will make a testimonial video for a product or a website.  But, people keep buying these gigs over and over again.  The reason is pretty obvious to me. If you are interested in purchasing fake testimonials for your product, then it makes sense to continuously get fresh faces.  Offer something like a 1 to 2 minute testimonial for a gig.
  • Sell reviews of websites – a lot like testimonial videos, review videos are becoming popular as well.  If someone has a website where some type of specialized information is shared, chances are good that they would like some video testimonials.

Other Gig Ideas

  • Offer to take custom stock photos
  • Write an eBook on your favorite subject and sell it exclusively on Fiverr
  • Offer Skype consultations on your area of expertise
  • Sell PLR Products such articles, graphics or software.

Where Do You Go From Here?

The great thing about Fiverr is that it is totally free and scalable.  You can just keep adding gigs and making more money.  However you need to learn the basic skills in areas like writing, copy writing , graphic designing, video and audio editing.


It is much easier and faster to start making money online even if you have no or little money to spend to help you get the things done that are necessary to conduct your online business. If you don’t even have a little bit of money then you can learn how to do many things yourself for free. Either way it will require some time and some effort to build your business. The point is that you have everything going for you as long as you keep an open mind and keep progressing.

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