8 Simple Steps to Make Profits With ClICKBANK and YOTUBE

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8 Simple Steps to Make Profits With ClICKBANK and YOTUBE

8 Simple Steps to Make Profits With ClICKBANK and YOTUBE

This method involves making short video reviews for  Clickbank digital products, getting them ranked highly in  Youtube searches and profiting from the sales commission. Don’t worry you don’t have to get in front of the camera, we will be getting someone else to make the videos (unless you want to of course).

Let`s Get Started


Step 1: Choose a Niche

You need to decide on a niche, the best niches for this method are the popular, profitable ones like weight loss, dating, sex, make money online and so on. Pick which one you prefer, it’s really not too important.


Step 2: Find a matching Clickbank product

Sign up to  Clickbank if you haven’t already, go to  Clickbank Market place and start browsing the products in your niche.



Choose to display search results by gravity and change gravity to between 20 and 99. Gravity shows how well a product is selling, you want to pick a product that can and has sold but isn’t being sold by too many people yet, hence setting it to 20 to 99. Before making a decision, look at the sales page, if it’s convincing, looks good and the product seems decent then you’ve found a product. Video sales pages convert well. Pick a product that will make you at least $20 per sale to make it worth while.

To promote it click the ‘promote’ button and copy the unique hoplink at the top, this is your affiliate link that must be clicked on for sales to be credited to you. Save it to a word document for future use.


Step 3: Write a short video script reviewing the Clickbank product

You’re going to get a video made on Fiverr reviewing your Clickbank product of choice so you need a script to give to the person making the video. The video is only going to be around 1 minute long so the script has to be short and snappy. The best videos are ones that give the person watching it real value, not some shameless self promotion that is obviously intended just to make a sale.

You need to start off by grabbing their attention. Let’s assume you’re promoting a weight loss video the opening line of the video could be something like “Want to know the biggest secret to loosing weight fast? Good, stay tuned”.

Then you’ll give them a brief intro about what you’re going to be talking about in the video. i.e. a guide to loosing weight without much effort. You’ll then go on to talk about all the benefits (losing 10lbs, feeling great, being healthy) that this product will bring them followed by a ‘call to action’ telling them what to do and how to do it, i.e. “click on the link below the video now to get your weight loss guide”.

Simple but to the point and it works.

Step 4: Sign up to Fiverr and get a video made

You might already have a  Fiverr account, if not sign up. Search for ‘video testimonials’ and you’ll be presented with pages full of people offering video reviews and testimonials. Basically you give them a script and they’ll make a short video for you. Pick a seller that you like, attractive girls work well, watch some of their sample videos first to make sure they seem natural and can present the video. Once you’ve decided buy the gig and send them the script.


Step 5: Use the Youtube Keyword Tool to find a good keyword

We’ll use this tool to find which keyword(s) to target, with this method we want to be very general and NOT target super specific or long tail keywords because there’s hardly any search volume for those on Youtube. If your niche is weight loss then ‘weight loss’ will likely be the keyword you’ll target. If it was ‘make money online’ niche then again ‘make money online’ is probably going to be your keyword. We’ll just look at the tool to confirm the search volumes.

Go to the Youtube Keyword tool. Make sure to pick USA (most YT users in the world). Go to search box and enter your niche ‘weight loss’ click on ‘get keyword ideas’. It brings up ‘weight loss’ and other related keywords with their search volumes. You’ll see for the more obscure terms it doesn’t have any data so it’s no use targeting them if we don’t know how many people search for them. Using the search volumes from Google doesn’t help either, as Google and YT are not the same, people search for different things on each platform.

Click ‘Add’ on all the high volume, related, keywords. It will add them to a list at the right hand side. Once you have all the high volume keywords on the right hand side click ‘download as .csv’ to save as an excel sheet. Save that file and keep it open.


Step 6: Go to Youtube.com and check video volumes

Go to the main page on  Youtube.com and click in the search box. One by one, type in and search for the keywords you’ve just found from the Youtube keyword tool. It will show you how many videos there are for that keyword just below the search box. Take a note of each video amount and enter it into your excel sheet beside your keywords. Do this for all the keywords you collected.

Once you have them all entered into the spreadsheet compare the keyword search volumes with number of videos. If you have any which have a lower amount of videos than searches you’ve found which keyword you want to target. If none are lower then look for ones which are roughly even or slightly higher. That’s your keyword right there, it will be the easiest one to rank for.


Step 6: Shorten your Clickbank Affiliate URL

Go over to TinyURL and shorten your Clickbank hoplink for the product you’ve picked. Take a note of it and save it into a document.


Step 7: Uploading the video with keywords in title and description

Once the video is done, check it and make sure they’ve followed the script. Don’t be too much of a perfectionist, you’ve only spent $5 on it remember.

Upload to Youtube and think of a catchy title that contains the keyword (e.g. “WOW, Check out my extreme weight loss in just 2 weeks”) . Add a hundred or so words to the description box explaining what the video is about, make sure to include the keyword twice. You can also include some of the related keywords you found if it fits. Tag the video with your keyword and some related keywords.

Be sure to include your shortened Tiny URL right at the top of the description box BEFORE your description and again at the bottom.


Step 8: Buy ranking gigs from Fiverr

To get a YT video to rank you need to blast it with a series of links. Unlike a website Youtube videos are not punished for having tons of low quality spam like links thrown at them. You want to buy the following gigs:

  • 50,000 blog comments (many people offer this)
  • 600 social bookmarks (or as many as you can find)
  • 10,000 Youtube Views (or again as many as you can get)

You buy these gigs for a total cost of $15 and give them your youtube video and keyword and watch your gigs sky rocket to the top of the Youtube search for your, very competitive, keyword. As we’re targeting high searched keywords such as ‘weight loss’ you’ll literally be getting thousands upon thousands of video views every day. One sale and you’ve made your money back, the rest there on in is profit. You only need 2% of people who see your video a week to buy and the money starts adding up. If your video begins to drop in rankings at any time and it’s making you enough money to justify keeping it at the top just blast another 50,000 blog comments at it. Once you’ve seen that this method works, scale it up by adding multiple videos and watch the dollars flow.

The good news is that Youtube traffic converts into sales and likes to buy. If you send them from your video to a good landing page or even better yet a video sales page that solves a problem they have (i.e. needing to lose weight) you will see sales. After the first sale you’ll recoup your $20 investment and from there on it’s profit all the way. Make some more videos with your profit and try out different niches.



Easy to set up, only costs $20, minimal involvement.

Pick a popular niche and find a relevant Clickbank product.

Write a video review and get a fiverr seller to make you a testimonial. Use the Youtube keyword tool to find a the best keywords.

Compare with the video volumes and pick the best.

Upload your video with keyword in title and description. Buy ranking gigs from Fiverr and point them at your video.

Watch the video rank, the views add up and the clicks on your links sky rocket. Profit! 

Good luck,

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