4 Hidden Traffic Tactics for Product Owners

Posted on 4th March 2017 in Featured Posts, Making Money Online

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Do you own your own content and need a way to get more traffic quickly? You’re not alone- there are hundreds of people out there in the same boat and for those people I’ve compiled a short list of four top traffic generating strategies to boost your immediate traffic with minimal investment.

Ad Swaps

An Ad Swap is based on your list subscribers and being able to effectively convert them. So, basically if you have a highly targeted, primed list of subscribers, you can swap them with a fellow marketer and build an even larger list of subscribers that will convert to more traffic down the line.

First, you’ll need to develop a seed list of at least 500 readers. This list can be developed with a squeeze page or free report. From there, go to sites like Warrior Forums and advertise your ad swap. Other marketers are always looking for people to swap lists with.

Remember, the value of your list is not based on subscriber account, but the conversion rate of that subscriber count. If you get 15% conversions from your 500 people, it’s worth more than someone who gets 2% off of 2,000 people.

Content Syndication

Once upon a time, you could use article marketing and get massive surges of traffic. Unfortunately, those days have dwindled significantly over time. These days, a much more effective boost for your traffic is through guest blogging and article syndication on major authority sites.

The goal here is to find sites that match your niche. If you’re a marketer or blogger, sites like ProBlogger and LifeHack are good targets.

But, if you’re into baseball, you’d want to go with something like SBN or Bleacherreport.com. Once you’ve found a good site, submit content to them for reprinting.

They’re always looking for guest bloggers and are happy to give you the free traffic that comes with it. Additionally, you can syndicate on sites like Ning, Tutorialized, and document sharing sites like DocStoc.com

Webinars, Interviews, and Seminars

If you can stomach the nervousness that comes with public speaking, webinars and seminars are incredibly effective.

To use them, find someone to interview in your niche and make sure they have a solid list of subscribers. Build a good relationship with them through guest blogging, comments and email.

Then, make sure you layout why you like their work and request an opportunity to interview them for your webinar. You’ll usually want to do a guest blog too, before you step up to do a seminar.

But, eventually having someone high up in the niche who you can interview will have a massive impact on incoming traffic to your own site.

Integration Marketing

I love this tool because it is so incredibly effective. Basically, what you’re doing is taking an offer you create and integrating it into someone else’s sales funnel.

First, find someone with products related to your niche. Then, find out if they would be willing to include your content as a bonus in their product.

It costs them nothing, so if the quality of your own content is high, they have no reason to say no, and you get instant recognition and traffic from anyone who reads your bonus. Membership sites are particular ripe for this because they need more content than anyone else.

While you can make this work with small products like videos or articles, the best route is to write a 30-40 page report that hits a specific detail in the niche hard – preferably something the product has not already covered.

You’d be surprised how many top level marketers spendalmost no time actually generating their traffic traditionally. They skip paid ads. They skip SEO. They stick to simple things and once they have big enough lists, the traffic pretty much generates itself.

If you’re looking for new ways to produce traffic that will help you reach out to as many people as possible, think outside the box. You’ll be surprised how many good ideas are out there.

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